Hi Guys!

First of all, thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy reading my stories and please do leave comments about what you think of my articles and how I can improve this blog. Ideas for new subjects are always welcome!

And now let me introduce myself. My name is Emily, my home front is Belgium and last year I spent ten months traveling Australia on a working holiday visa. After that I went home for six months to spend some time with the family and friends and now I am back in the beautiful land of Oz with my awesome Aussie boyfriend.

A bit about myself…
I am 24 years old and have a degree in Event- & Project management. For the past year, I have been working in hospitality. This is one of the best industries to work in while travelling, because it gives you the chance to work somewhere for a short period of time.
My hobbies, except for discovering the beautiful world we live in, are photography, writing, playing music and wine.

Why am I writing this blog?
I just finished my WSET2 which is a course on wine & spirits. Hence why I decided to start writing about what to do in the Margaret River region.This is a famous wine region in the Southwest of Australia. I fell in love with this region, because here you have everything you need: wine, beach, forest, food, …
You will find me writing about wine, food, nature and other things I find interesting and worth sharing with you guys.

The next stops for the coming year will be Bali, China and Canada.