Bushtucker tour around Margaret River

So a few weeks ago we decided to go on a Bushtucker tour. This is a very fun day out in the Margaret River region.

The driver picks you up and of you go. A full bus contains about twenty people and ours was a very international one. People from Argentina, Brazil, Wales, England, France, Belgium (that would be me) and some Aussies.


Our busdriver, Silvano, is an amazing guide who tells you a bit of history about the wineries and the region. He also gives you a speed course in winetasting. The only thing you have to remember is the three S’s: Swirl, Smell, and Swallow/Spit. Do this and you will appreciate the wine you are tasting a bit more. But, forget the swirling when you try sparkling wine, you won’t have any bubbles left…

Our day started at Edwards wines. This is a really small estate, but it has a great history. They will tell you that the plane that you can see in the shed has been used to fly the Kangaroo Route, which is also the image on the label. Mathilda, the bright yellow plane does not fly anymore but it is a beautiful object to see.

The wines at Edwards are pretty nice. If you like a Chardonnay that had got some crisp to it and almost no oak flavour, than this is the one. We were big fans of the Shiraz.

mathilda   edwards-wines

After all that goodness, we got back in the bus on our way to Adinfern for tasting and lunch. For me personally, this was the best wine of the day. They have this lovely sparkling red wine that has this yummy sweetness and red fruit character to it. We fell in love with their Reserve Merlot and do try the fortified wines, they are worth trying.

Our lunch was provided by our lovely guide with the necessary explanation to it. On the menu we had kangaroo, crocodile, chicken, home made condiments, fresh pesto, tomato bread,… a lot of new things for me, but definitely a great experience.


Next stop: Cowaramup Brewery!

There are quite a few microbreweries in the Margaret River region and every single one has a beautiful green lawn where you can just sit down and relax. These microbreweries all display the tasting paddles. This is a great way to discover all the different beers they have to offer. Usually they have about six or seven types of beer including a lager, a pale ale, an IPA and a dark ale or a stout. This is ideal to find out what you like and than you can go get a pint.


Down the road from Cowaramup Brewery you find Brookwood Estate.
The cellar door has a transparent curtain that shows the barrel room behind it. This makes it look very interesting. Great thing about going for a tasting at Brookwood wines is that you get actual wineglasses instead of tasting glasses, which makes it easier to get more elements out of the nose. The Brookwood wines are very pleasant to drink. Our personal favorites were the Shiraz-Cabernet and the Chenin Blanc. Funny fact about Brookwood is that it has the best rating on Tripadvisor for price-quality food in the Margaret River Region.

It is a beautiful environment so worth driving up there to have a look around.


The last winery on the list for today is Churchview. You can find this winery just next to Bussel Highway across Metricup road.

At Churchview they try to do something different. They grow more odd grape varieties for Australia like Zinfandel and Mourvèdre.

This is why Churchview is worth visiting. If you want to try something different and of high quality, this is definitely a place to go to.

The host in the cellar door knows so much about wine, he speaks with passion and he is a really good salesman. The wine is not cheap but worth the price. Their Chardonnay is lovely and can even stand next to the Vasse Felix Heytesbury and that for about half the price. The personal favorite is the Zinfandel. This wine is so rich and just perfect to drink while eating a nice piece of red meat.


Next to the wineries and the brewery we also visited the Margaret River Dairy Company and the Chocolate factory. I am not going to say too much about them. Only that you cannot leave Margaret River without visiting both of them. The cheese is really tasty, so do go there and try it. The port and the smoked cheddar are my favorites. About the Chocolate factory I can only say this: BELGIAN CHOCOLATE! Enough said, no?

cheese   chocolate

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about this beautiful day.

See you next time!



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